Monday, March 8, 2010

Six, six, six.

Well, I did it. I have now completed six marathons in eight months. I finished pacing 12.9 minute miles (not bad for me....I know quite an embarrassment to most of the running community) but as always I am ok with that.

I went in to the Napa Valley Marathon thinking this would certainly be the last marathon for a while. That I was going to completely change my goal and present it to my blogging world today.

I am not completely against that.

But I am not completely for that.

I met two amazing people on this breathtaking trail and we had some great conversation about running, life, kids, work.

It is liberating to meet these people, asses the goals and ponder.

I am also thinking of posting a "missed connections" thing on CraigsList. One of those things where you are so exhausted post 26.2 and the thrill of seeing your forget to exchange information.

But you feel a connection. You have shared something that you have shared with few others in the world. It is inspiring.

Three things that I am certain of after this run:

1. It was not my last marathon.
2. Physical challenges, lead to mental enlightenment and that is an inspiration.
3. Napa Valley Marathon has one of the best goodie bags on the planet. And it is breathtaking.

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  1. Glad to hear it was such a great race for you, sounds like it was just what you needed.