Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Go away crud.

I've had it for a month now. A solid, full on, not even a measly February, but a real entire month. The crud. Not sure if every other part of the country has it but everyone in California does.

You know, the crud in your nose that slithers its way into your chest. Hacking, uncomfortable crud. It really started bothering me during the Napa marathon. Hacking from mile two on. I have been fine dealing with it, but I just want it to go away.

Despite the fact that I run far enough to warrant a few snot rockets and hacks the southern girl that resides in my heart just does not think it is right.

So crud, please go away. You are making me do things that would highly upset my grandmother. And you make it hard to breath.


  1. I feel you. I hate that running has taught me to blow snot rockets and hock looggies. My grandmother would be horrified. I always apologize to strangers if I have to do it during a race.

    The weather has been so variable here. It's messing with everyone's sinuses.

  2. Just found you on Allie's blogroll (That Girl is a Running Fool). Holy cow! A marathon a month!

    I just got brave the other night and spit. I'd never spit before! I felt like Kate Winslet in Titanic! Your post just reminded me and I can't believe I forgot to put it in my post. I'm going to have to work it into a future post somehow...

    Anyway, love your blog!

  3. It has been horrible here! Emmi has had a cough for a month. Kenny and I have both been congested (add to that we both got strep throat this week!). I am so over the pollen. I can't even run outside right now.