Monday, March 29, 2010

Three a day.

I am over long runs. I am over training for marathons. In opposition of complaint, I am going to try something new. Three a days. Pretty much three small work outs that add up. Anyone tried this?

Here is my eight week plan:

Week 1-2: 20 minutes/day, 3x day, 7 days/week
Week 3-4: 30 minutes/ day, 3x day, 7 days/week
Week 5-6: 45 minutes/day, 3x day, 7 days/week
Week 7-8: 60 minutes/day, 3x day, 7 days/week

The way I envision this working is an eight week program that starts again at week one. Doing two running work outs (one before anyone in my house is awake, one during lunch) the third work out being strength, speed, family. I think this will break up my frustration and get me excited.

I know weeks five through eight seem a little brutal, but it is not that different than incorporating fifteen to twenty three miles into ones schedule. I think.

Also, I need to tell you about eliminating cow's milk from my diet. Three weeks...two inches off my waist (w jumping rope and sprints) and two inches off my hips (mind you, this is not my trouble spot....mine is waist and upper back).

So, here we go in an effort to add variety.

Has anyone does this? Does it work for endurance and I would certainly think that it works for speed, etc.

Excited. And really, what more can one ask for than a little excitement?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Go away crud.

I've had it for a month now. A solid, full on, not even a measly February, but a real entire month. The crud. Not sure if every other part of the country has it but everyone in California does.

You know, the crud in your nose that slithers its way into your chest. Hacking, uncomfortable crud. It really started bothering me during the Napa marathon. Hacking from mile two on. I have been fine dealing with it, but I just want it to go away.

Despite the fact that I run far enough to warrant a few snot rockets and hacks the southern girl that resides in my heart just does not think it is right.

So crud, please go away. You are making me do things that would highly upset my grandmother. And you make it hard to breath.

Jump rope.

After my last marathon, I have been doing some evaluating of my goal. I have not determined what the outcome of this evaluation will be but I am certainly spicing up my activity routine.

Daylight Savings Time has given such a boost and lift to both the entertainment for our family and our health. I have made a pledge to spend several nights each week outside from around 5 until the sun goes down. This can include eating outside, taking a walk, (when it warms up) heading over to the pool, just something that gets us moving, engaging and having fun.

I found an old jump rope. My heart starts to pitter patter. Jump ropes instantly bring back memories of Ms. Koester and the Owens Elementary School carpeted (because that is so stinkin' weird) gym. And Jump Rope for Heart. If you are a child of the eighties (they may even do it today) you remember? The program to get us fit by jumping rope. But that wasn't the cool part. It was all of the tricks that you could do with the jump rope.

Not that I can do those.

But I have my memories.

And I have been jumping rope. For about thirty minutes a day (over the entire day...broken into three ten minute segments) and some sprinting and some hula hooping---which is awesome.

My spirit is renewed. I really feel like all this activity is field day. Gia loves it. Ralph loves it. I've lost two inches off my waist in three weeks. I love it.

It also makes running easier which translates for me to more enjoyable. Go grab a jump rope and start jumping.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iron Yoga.

Typically, the week after a marathon I stretch, participate in yoga and all of the other things that I can not find time to do when I have to log miles.

Usually, these are just half ass work outs because I am so sore from the marathon. For some unknown reason I recovered super quick this go around and have been feeling amazing. So I decided to take yoga to the next level.

I have had this video for a while and I have to tell you I am in love with it. One, it is so stinking challenging and two the guy guides your breathing (which is the part I am horrible with and really the entire point of yoga) and it makes so much more sense and feels so good.

I am currently doing it with three pound weights, but I am looking at increasing it to five. Love it. Love it so much that I may add it to my routine.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Six, six, six.

Well, I did it. I have now completed six marathons in eight months. I finished pacing 12.9 minute miles (not bad for me....I know quite an embarrassment to most of the running community) but as always I am ok with that.

I went in to the Napa Valley Marathon thinking this would certainly be the last marathon for a while. That I was going to completely change my goal and present it to my blogging world today.

I am not completely against that.

But I am not completely for that.

I met two amazing people on this breathtaking trail and we had some great conversation about running, life, kids, work.

It is liberating to meet these people, asses the goals and ponder.

I am also thinking of posting a "missed connections" thing on CraigsList. One of those things where you are so exhausted post 26.2 and the thrill of seeing your forget to exchange information.

But you feel a connection. You have shared something that you have shared with few others in the world. It is inspiring.

Three things that I am certain of after this run:

1. It was not my last marathon.
2. Physical challenges, lead to mental enlightenment and that is an inspiration.
3. Napa Valley Marathon has one of the best goodie bags on the planet. And it is breathtaking.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Last night I awoke from sleeping three times about this Sunday's marathon.

In a cold sweat.

I am not sure why I am so nervous, but I am. I just don't really have a good feeling inside. Which bums me out.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday about all of my frustration with running. I am tired of feeling like five miles is not what I need to do. That I am never doing enough. That I am not getting faster because I do not have the mad athletic skills to keep running for twenty six point two miles going any faster than what I have done.

Plus, I still have ten extra pounds.


Plus, I (we) really want to have another baby.


I think that I may be making some adjustments to my overall goal after this marathon.


That makes me feel like a failure.

Cold sweat.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I did it. Begrudgingly, but I did it.

I registered for the Napa Valley Marathon. It is this Sunday. I had decided that I was going to run a half and tell the world (or those of you that read) that I was going to do a half because I just thought that it would be best for both my spirit and my body. But guess what, the Napa Valley Marathon only has a 5k or the full 26.2. No half.

So, here I am running a marathon on Sunday.

Let's do the count off.....

1. San Francisco
2. Santa Rosa
3. Cowtown
4. Fresno
5. Redding

and soon to be
6. Napa Valley

Here we go. Dear God, please be on my side Sunday. I trust that you will make it happen because I know that I can not with out you.

Please, show me some love and inspiration because I am to cheap. My credit card has been charged and I have to go through with it.

Run. Run. Run.