Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jump rope.

After my last marathon, I have been doing some evaluating of my goal. I have not determined what the outcome of this evaluation will be but I am certainly spicing up my activity routine.

Daylight Savings Time has given such a boost and lift to both the entertainment for our family and our health. I have made a pledge to spend several nights each week outside from around 5 until the sun goes down. This can include eating outside, taking a walk, (when it warms up) heading over to the pool, just something that gets us moving, engaging and having fun.

I found an old jump rope. My heart starts to pitter patter. Jump ropes instantly bring back memories of Ms. Koester and the Owens Elementary School carpeted (because that is so stinkin' weird) gym. And Jump Rope for Heart. If you are a child of the eighties (they may even do it today) you remember? The program to get us fit by jumping rope. But that wasn't the cool part. It was all of the tricks that you could do with the jump rope.

Not that I can do those.

But I have my memories.

And I have been jumping rope. For about thirty minutes a day (over the entire day...broken into three ten minute segments) and some sprinting and some hula hooping---which is awesome.

My spirit is renewed. I really feel like all this activity is field day. Gia loves it. Ralph loves it. I've lost two inches off my waist in three weeks. I love it.

It also makes running easier which translates for me to more enjoyable. Go grab a jump rope and start jumping.


  1. Nice! I forget about the jump rope, I'll have to give it a try. I just hate jumping because it makes things

  2. what a great activity!

    And yes, I remember "jump rope for heart" :)

  3. I don't remember jump rope for heart but we did spend a lot of time jumping rope when we were kids.