Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When is your next marathon?

I get asked this question quite often. And rightfully so. The goal was twelve in twelve months. And clearly, that is not going to happen.

First it started with the weird foot injury. Then it was too little recovery time. And then it was just no longer fun.

Running was (and hopefully will be again) my me time. Where I could escape and be with my thoughts. No tugging little fingers, nagging housework, nagging real work, etc. And suddenly, the very thing that was what I did to escape the demands of life became a demand itself.

It was always there. Three miles wasn't enough. Five. Not enough. NOTHING WAS EVER ENOUGH.

All of a sudden I was that post pardum gal again that could not handle life. To top it off, I was lonely.

A little background on that. We move every three to five years. READ: we don't have a lot of friends in close proximity. Both Ralph and I work from home. READ: we don't have office interactions. Until three months ago, Gia went to a babysitter. READ: we interacted with one person other than the Three T's in person on a daily basis. I was training at forty to sixty miles a week. READ: by myself.

That is a pretty lonely existence. Like SERIOUSLY lonely. So in early April taking the above into consideration, Ralph and I decided to join a gym.

Now this is not any gym, because I HATE THOSE. This is really more of a spa that has amazing Les Mill's classes and random large pieces of equipment scattered through out. If you are in the Sacramento area, check it out .

I will tell you more on that later.

But, for now this is what we are doing. Taking classes. (you can't pay me to get on a piece of equipment) I have not yet made any "friends", I think that that will come. But for now just having a very high level conversation is enough. And I actually think that I am in better shape now. Which just proves how comfortable I had become with long distances.

For now, I don't know when my next marathon is. But I am still committed to living a very healthy, active life.

I am looking into a 5k. Now that sounds like fun.