Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still running away.

Napa is a few weeks away, and I have been pounding the pavement. I am at the point in this journey where the fun and excitement has worn off and the irritation of the process is here. But I am still pounding the pavement. Trying to find inspiration. Does anyone have some they can share with me? I am in Houston for work next week and hope

....see, I started writing this over a week ago and can't bring myself to finish it.  HELP ME!!!!!


  1. Read "Born to Run". I think you will find lots of inspiration there and a way to run injury free. I hate running, but even I was inspired by the book and have run the last 2 days. It is really THAT motivating!

  2. Your mom mentioned you were going to be here. Although, I don't know about here, here. Maybe just somewhere in Houston? If you are around and have some free time, you should stop by! And if you see that poor girl struggling to run up that hill on the main drive...just honk. That is probably me! Ha!