Saturday, February 27, 2010


Just an update on the Shake Weight. After the company charged my card THREE times and I fought with them endlessly. I never received it. I was able to get a refund after HOURS of time on the phone. Frustrating.

Is it not the most annoying thing in the world to try to go get something and in this modern world where we are supposed to click a button for something to arrive we can't do it. Then, to have it compounded by ridiculous hours of wading through a voice over trap to get to a person where they really have no authority or ability to help you.

I think that working in these capacities must be one of the worst jobs on the planet. No one is happy when they have to deal with you. No one. No one ever calls and says, "hey, my transaction was flawless, thanks." Maybe I will do that some day so that I can spread some good transaction karma. I always try to sit there on the phone and calm my boiling blood by repeating, "it is not this persons fault, it is not this persons fault" over and over. It rarely works. My blood still boils.

I did see the Shake Weight at Wal Mart the other day and I am now thinking of buying it there.

So, I have no review and I would not order from the Internet. If I get it at Wal Mart, I will let you know.


  1. Hello, I run operations for many products, including the Shake Weight. I am concerned to hear of these experiences. I was aware of a capacity issue with our customer service, which has been corrected. But, to be charge 3 times must indicate there were 3 orders in the system. I would like to investigate this personally. Since you posted your name, I will be able to pull your order history and get your contact information. I will be in contact with you.

  2. Ha! Maybe they are friends with our cable company who dumped someone else balance on us, because they had a similar SS number and the same last name. You know our last name, so you get why THAT is comical. HALF the country has the same last name as us. After that lovely experience, they charged us for HD programming but failed to provide HD channels for MONTHS. Then when our cable went out they told me how I probably had the TV on the wrong input. As if, after owning said TV for over a year, I suddenly forgot how to operate it.

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