Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 things running has done for me.

One of my running, blogging buddies Allie did this and I thought that it was a great idea. I think it may bring some joy back to running for me, which right now I am lacking. Inspiration is desperately needed out there. So, here it goes.....

  1. It gave me a way to shed those final baby pounds.
  2. For a long while it was a great escape. It allowed me to be alone with my thoughts. The simple rhythm of pounding the pavement provided a sense of calm in a world of chaos.
  3. It gave me something that my daughter can be proud of. Not that there are not other things, but for some reason my three year old thinks that the fact that I run is something that is pretty darn cool.
  4. It forces me to move. Movement is necessary for life and with this ridiculous, lofty goal that I have taken on I am forced to move. Whether I want to or not, I have to move. Otherwise I will kill myself at my next marathon.
  5. It taught me that there are so many definitions of the best. Even my worst marathon time is one of the best things I have ever done. Best for me is different than you. That is ok. We are all winners when we are out there running. For this competitive gal, that is a true life lesson.
  6. It makes me a little more forgiving of the things that are left from having a baby. My body is capable of so much more than I was back then. It may never look the same, but I am stronger and more able than ever.
  7. Running gives me a buzz. A nice, healthy, legal buzz.
  8. It makes my skin look better. I have struggled with my skin my entire life, so this is a big deal.
  9. It has let me see some paths and parts of the country that otherwise I would have never crossed. My love affair with SF is so deep and strong because of running. Who knew that Fresno is actually pretty and that Redding, CA is one seriously breathtaking place of God's country?
  10. It reignites my spirit. It gives me self knowledge, inspiration, physical and emotional health.

I just need to remember each of these right now. I am in a really bad slump. I hope I come out of it.


  1. Great list, it's amazing how running can make you feel like your body is capable of anything, I found this even more so than having babies.

  2. I have awarded your blog the Sunshine Award!
    Please go to this link to snatch it up!
    Have a Sunny, Perky, Happy Day!