Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The serious crisis is over.

I have not needed my Garmin since we returned from Miami. I knew I took it out of my bag and put it away. With last week being a rest week, there was no need to really track mileage. Furthermore, I have a pretty good gauge of a six/seven/eight mile loops that are around my house.

I don't like to run "races " with a GPS. Often, mile markers are one to three tenths off (farther) than what the Garmin reads. I think this is really a product of not being an elite runner and starting farther back on the course. Especially in larger marathons.

So yesterday, I wanted to make sure I went for a LOOOONG walk. Begin the search for the Garmin. I can't find it, but seriously that is not that big of a deal. My legs were like Jello, physically exhausted. Looked for fifteen minutes. No big deal.

This morning I decided that I needed another long walk and wanted actual tracking information. Begin search. Text Ralph. Text three more times. Are you screwing with me dude? Do you have it and not want me to know.

Freaking out.

Freaking out.

Feeling tears start to well.

Keep looking.

Look at the picture frame on my desk where I hide it from Gia. Everyday.

Look behind the dern frame. There is the dang Garmin.

Found it. And feel like a total idiot.


  1. Glad you found it, I know I would be lost without mine, I'm obsessed with timing myself and seeing how many calories I burned...lol.

  2. I know, and I have had it less than two months. I thought that my husband was going to come home and kill me.