Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Shadow.

So I am dying to know from more experienced moms out there....what do you do when you have a shadow? I am honored, shock and completely blessed.

Yes. I also, sometimes actually have to get things done AND also at some point in my life would like a moment when someone is not following me or hanging on to me.I was having this conversation with my friend the other day.

I have never been so busy or exhausted in my life.In my younger days, I was a work a holic. Working sometimes 90 hour weeks and averaging 70 hours week. For years. I loved it. I was tired, but it was what I wanted to be.

Then, I was a full time working mom. I worked 40-45 hours a week and commuted 90 miles round trip each day. I was tired. I was really tired. And pretty cranky.

Then I had a job share. I worked about twenty hours a week, but had two weekdays off and the weekend. This was a good balance.

I still work about twenty hours a week, but I work five days a week. I am a real stay at home mom while here. I cook three meals a day, scrub floors, scrub bathtubs, go to the park, cuggle, read, paint and all of the other fantastic things that a stay at home mom does. When my kiddo heads to nap time, I head out to work.I am exhausted. I have also never logged as many miles as I am currently which I am sure ads to my tired level.

I feel like I do not ever have a moment to myself. At least when I worked full time, I had lunches, shopping, etc. Any suggestions on the ever asked question of work life balance? Suggestions requested.

Oh, and I love my little shadow.

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  1. I think the answer is just making time for yourself. Have your husband take your shadow for the day and give yourself a break every once in awhile, you deserve it.