Saturday, December 26, 2009

What makes you keep pushing?

All runners that I know have a strategy of some sort. A strategy for every distance. A strategy for every type of run. Strategy changes depending on what you are looking to accomplish, but a strategy is always necessary.

I run with slow music. I am beginning to think this may be a bad strategy.

Before I was a runner. When I ran for punishment in my given sport, this was a great strategy. I always went out of the box way to fast. I ran as hard as I could and then I could never finish.

For me, having really slow and relaxing music made me slow the pace and enabled me to cross the finish line. Regardless of the distance.

Well, now that I clearly have the ability to find my distance pace down, I think I may need to rethink my playlist.

I am getting a little faster, but not that much. So are there any suggestions out there for a good playlist that will help me go the distance but pick up the pace just a little....just enough to shave a minute off every mile for 26.2?

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