Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Running Christmas wish list.

Santa baby, hurry down the chimney for me...... {So I can share my obsession with the world}
{So I can run at night}

{Because if you know me in real life I am more of a fashionista than a runner and Stella McCartney makes my heart pitter patter}

{40 pairs please....10 a quarter}

{So I can remember why I train so hard}

{12 pairs please. Being a hyperhydronic and a marathon runner gets expensive}
What is on your running wish list?


  1. I need some socks too, bad. I won a pair yesterday, now I just need 11 more pairs. :) Hope you get everything on your list this year.

  2. I love my car sticker that tells the world that I run long distances. Plus, if you're gonna run 12 in 12 you HAVE to have that sticker ... bragging rights are all yours bragging rights!

  3. So CUTE!!! Hope you got everything. Remember lots of race fees go up next week. UGH!!