Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Cities Marathon aka Fresno Marathon.

I can not tell you how impressed I was with this incredible marathon. Second only to San Francisco (which is mainly because seriously, how can you beat running the Golden Gate or through Haight Ashbury?) this is by far the best marathon.

The course is beautiful (I know, in Fresno....really? YES!), flat and filled with runners of all capabilities. It was a nice even spread of super fast qualifiers (one runner was looping around on mile thirteen when I was on mile four) and super trying folks like myself.

The goodie bag was amazing....a hat, a fleece hoodie, a long sleeve tech shirt, three bars, olive oil, Gatorade mix and a fantastic Michelob Ultra beer garden.

If anyone is looking for a great fall race, I highly recommend Fresno. And it truly is only 45 minutes from Half Dome....but not to the top!


  1. Thank you for you comment. Wow 12 races in 12 months! AMAZING!! Send me your upcoming races so I can add you to High Five Friday.

    You are one tough lady.. And your reward Baby #2, that makes me smile.

    What a great profile picture!!

  2. Gia Badia loves tea!! I love that!! So serious when they pour aren't they!

  3. HOLY smokes - 12 marathons!!! That sounds like some awesome race bag goodies!!

  4. Okay, maybe I'll try for a marathon by next fall. :)