Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday weight gain.

I get countless "Newsletters" in my inbox. JCrew and Runner's World are really the only two publications that I even open. While I ooooowwww and ahhhhhh over JCrew I read Runner's World.

Like every other woman on the planet, holiday weight gain is something that I do not want to experience. So when this popped up, I was certainly reading for retention. For the most part is is the same ole, same ole....eat less, move more...blah, blah, blah.

A couple of things really stuck out.

Because you are naturally logging fewer miles, work more on strength and flexibility. This is something that I know I tend to slack on. My core is a mess. It could use some serious work and I really think that on those cold, rainy dark mornings/evenings that instead on begrudgingly logging miles or not logging miles at all participating in P90X's Core workout is a better option. In the long run it may even make me a better runner.

The second which is at the crux of the entire Weight Watcher's program is to plan ahead. Seriously, if you fail to plan then plan to fail. I think that there is so much truth in this statement. Just taking the time to plan your workouts (runs, strength, stretch, recovery, etc) around holiday festivities and craziness. As well as your meals. While I am a sucker for a snicker doodle and a sausage ball (oh heck, why not both) if I can go into those situations armed with a snack of almonds and a broth based soup in my stomach taking just one is oh so attainable.

What are your tips as a runner to ward off the holiday weight gain or to continue on the path of weight loss?

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