Sunday, November 22, 2009

Humidity and running.

I live in California. If you are a runner, living in the Bay Area is the single best place to run. The climate is so incredibly moderate that running is always fantastic.

We now live in Roseville, and it gets hot, but the temperatures still dip enough in the morning and at night that running is enjoyable and possible all year long.

Everytime I come to Texas I am amazed at the humidity. Even more so, I am amazed at the number of runners. I am amazed at how much more difficult running is when the weather is not either what I am used to or lets be realistic, just perfect.

So, runners in humid climates....what do you do to make life easier? How do you perform at your best given the conditions that surorund you?


  1. It's so funny because I am from Houston and that is where I started running, when I moved to Oklahoma the dry air killed me on my runs. My nose gets so dry it bleeds and the cold is so hard to push through. I'd prefer running in August in Houston (at night) than running in the winter here but maybe it's just because that is what I'm used to.

  2. Mark said he has to drink a crap load of water starting the day before he has a long run. But there's been a few times he's left to run and come back shortly there after because it was just to miserable outstide.