Thursday, April 29, 2010

Realizations that oddly come from running.

I am big boned. And by that I don't mean that I am overweight and attribute it to my big bones. I truly am big boned. At my thinnest I weigh about 145 pounds. And that for me is very, very skinny. And also my goal weight.

Example- my wedding ring is a size 8.5. On days when I have had too much salt, it is snug.

Ralph has frequently (as in three times) questioned by jewelers if I am a very large gal.

I feel like I look pretty darn good in exercise clothes. I love gladiator sandals. And just today I realized why....because they cover the widest part of my foot.

It is amazing how when I wear those absolutely precious sandals that have a single strap up the middle of my foot how incredibly large my entire silhouette appears.

And then it hit is because of my gigantically, abnormal wide foot is amplified.

So today I am taking a boat load of cute sandals to Goodwill (let me know if you wear a size nine and are in need of a ridiculous amount of summer sandals). I am sticking with ballet flats and sandals that have some sort of food hiding involved.

Crazy how being athletic leads to other epiphanies in life.

Just wearing gladiators makes me feel thinner. Even if it is in my own mind, it does.

And I am ok with that.


  1. I love this post. thank YOU for this post. :) Yay for looking & feeling "pretty darn good" in exercise clothes.

  2. Yep. I have a lg. frame too. It happens. But like anything else, you have to own it.

  3. Love it....Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on Sunday night

  4. Just found you -- looking forward to following your journey :-)