Friday, August 21, 2009

The schedule.

The original idea was to do one marathon a month. Well, given that there are seasons in the United States and race directors did not consult me prior to their marathons, it is not always possible. So, here are the twelve marathons I will run over the next twelve months:

8.30.2009 Santa Rosa Full Marathon Santa Rosa, CA
10.04.2009 Cow Town Marathon Sacramento, CA
10.25.2009 Silicon Valley Marathon San Jose, CA
11.08.2009 Twin Cities Marathon Fresno, CA
12.06.2009 California International Marathon Sacramento, CA
01.27.2010 Redding Marathon Redding, CA
03.07.2010 Napa Valley Marathon Napa, CA
03.28.2010 Oakland Marathon Oakland, CA
04.04.2010 Golden Gate Headlands Sausalito, CA
04.18.2010 River City Marathon Sacramento, CA
05.02.2010 Reno Rock n Roll Marathon Reno, NV
07.25.2010 San Francisco Marathon San Francisco, CA

So that is it. The proposed twelve marathons in twelve months. The fact that is exhausting just to type them out raises my anxiety levels to new heights.

One thing that was important to me when planning out my journey is that they are all pretty darn close to home and they are all places that RT and Miss G can join me. The River City Marathon is on RT's birthday which makes me a little sad, but he says that it is fine....I am sure I will make up for it somehow!

For now, I need to stop seeing the problems that can arise and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

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  1. Personally, I think you should have done one around here, so we could cheer you on. Or maybe, Kenny and I need to plan a little trip to go cheer you on sometime!