Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long run today....well, not so much.

I was supposed to run a long run today. Somewhere between four and five hours. Life happened and I settled for forty five minutes. There is a four and a five in there. So that will help me next weekend, right?

I think more and more about running. Quite frankly, many would consider me a jogger. I am not fast and I don't know how fast I will ever be. But to me, I am going along, pushing more and more each day and covering ground.

That is what makes the journey of running exhilarating. One foot in front of the other. One step beyond what you have done before.

When I ran my first race (California International Marathon, 12.2008, Seven mile leg of a relay) I felt like I had concord the world. My second big accomplishment: a half marathon (Parkway Half Marathon, 3.2009, 13.1 miles) in the rain, and quite possible the most unvarying course in the country....I thought that I had gone as far as I could go. My first marathon (San Francisco, 7.2009, 26.2 miles) which I finished by most in a laughable time of 5:51......the crazy thing, I felt and still do that I had concord the world.

Each day I go another step, another mile. Another journey. Another few fish thrown down to Miss G to let me keep going. I figure I log roughly 60 miles a week. If I keep this steady and add in twelve marathons come next July I will have logged 3434.4 miles.

I will literally have logged enough miles to jog to Texas and least to Kerrville and back...I am just not sure I know anyone in Kerrville. Maybe my mom would come pick me up if I made it that far.

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