Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The shake weight.

So this crazy looking thing that is toted on infomercials has caught my eye. I think that I am going to spend twenty of my hard earned dollars to see if this can really give me Michelle Obabama arms in just six minutes a day. It should be coming soon, so I will let you know. Has anyone used it? What do you think?


  1. Please tell me if it works. I have NO arm muscles what so ever and I'm tired of looking at my arm fat jiggle in the mirror at ballet. It's really just distracting.

  2. Ellen had it on her show, she originally had it because it looked so funny but she did say after a day of playing with it her arms were really sore. She even gave one to everyone in her audience. They sell them at Target, or at least that had it at the Target in Colorado. Let me know what you think of it because I'm just doing push ups for now to work on my arms.